A Memorandum of Understanding founded on joint interest has been signed between The Participation Banks Association of Turkey (TKBB) and Islamic Research and Training Center (IRTI) on date 27th May, 2014. Being signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of TKBB Mr. Ufuk UYAN and the General Director of IRTI Mr. Azmi OMAR, the agreement has declared a collaboration in interest-free banking area.

Areas of Collaboration and Cooperation:

(a) Within the context of their respective mandates, objectives and procedures, the Parties anticipate that their collaboration may focus on a number of specific areas best fitting their respective strategies and mandates.

(b) Cooperation may be considered on a case-by-case basis, on the merit of each case and within the limitations of the mandate and resources of each Party.

(c) Any other activities and programs in areas of mutual interest, which the Parties may jointly devise such as sharing information on the monitoring and evaluation of programs.

(d) It is intended that this MOU should interpret and apply generally; however, if required, the Parties may mutually agree to adopt additional arrangements to meet specific and urgent needs in relation to a particular activity.

(e) To ensure the development of the banking profession;

(f) To ensure that members function in a dignified and well-disciplined manner as required by the banking profession and in line with the needs of the economy, by setting professional principles;

(g) To set the ethical professional principles and standards that the personnel of member banks will have to abide by, upon receiving the approval of the Agency;

(h) To take and implement any measure required for preventing unfair competition among members;

(i) To set the principles and conditions for announcements and advertisements in terms of type, format, qualitative and quantitative elements to be complied by the members, upon receiving the approval of the Agency;

(j) To ensure cooperation among banks for joint projects, in collaboration with the Agency;

(k) To set the principles and procedures applicable to contract format and contents envisaged by the provisions regarding customer rights,

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