Participation 30 Index

Participation 30 Index is a stock index formed of stocks traded at Borsa Istanbul National Market and conforming to Participation Banking principles. Stocks are selected based on Index Rules set up according to Participation Banking principles. Accordingly, the index covers companies that are not active in the fields of interest-based financing, trade, services, intermediation (banking, insurance, financial leasing, factoring and other interest-based activities), alcoholic drinks, gambling, games of chance, pork and similar food, press, publication, advertisement, tourism, entertainment, tobacco products, weapons, futures (gold, silver and currency trades). Moreover, companies are required to achieve some financial ratios in order to take part in the index. The rate of total interest-bearing debt of companies to market capitalization shall be lower than 30%; the rate of interest-bearing cash and securities to market capitalization shall be lower than 30%; and the rate of income from abovementioned fields to total income shall be lower than 5%. Top 30 companies with the biggest public market capitalization of such stocks that are in line with such rules constitute the index companies. (Source: Participation Endex)
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