Legal Regime For Security Rights In Movable Collateral: An Analysis Of The Uncitral Model Law From A Shari‘Ah Perspective- World Bank-Islamic Development Bank-2016 Constituting Islamic Social Welfare Function An Exploration into the Islamic Moral Economy - Memmet Asutay İsa Yılmaz - 2015 Undermining Shared Prosperity Risk Shifting and Islamic Banking - INICEIF - 2015 Desıgn And Determıne Holıstıc Fınancıal Inclusıon Through Baıtul Maal Wa Tamwıl - Ascarya, Siti Rahmawati, and Hendri Tanjung -2015 Islamic Banking More Financial Inclusion for Arab States - Clement M. Henry - 2015 Islamic Microfinance Institutions Pro-Poor or For-Profit - Luqyan Tamanni Frank Hong Liu - 2015 Integration of Waqf and Islamic Microfinance for Poverty Reduction The Case of Sudan - Mustafa Omar Mohammed - 2015 Regulation and Supervision of sukuk markets-Sau Ngan Wong-The World Bank -2015 Introduction to Sukuk: Definitions and Role in Economic Development- Abayomi Alawode- The World Bank - 2015 Towards a Roadmap for the Development of Sukuk Markets- Abayomi Alawode-The Word Bank - 2015 BASEL III and TIER 1 SUKUK- Developing Sukuk Markets Workshop- M. Murat COBANOGLU- The Word Bank -2015 Islamic Finance and Sustainable INVESTING- Michael Bennett-The World Bank-2015 World Bank, Arab Monetary Fund Seminar on Development of Sukuk Markets -Ijlal Ahmed Alvi- IIFM-2015 International Sovereign Sukuk: Market and Ratings- Michael Bennett-The Word Bank-2015 Global Sukuk Market TrendsWorkshop on Developing Sukuk Markets Arab Monetary Fund- Zamir Iqbal- The Word Bank-2015 Securitization and Structuring Sukuk – Zamir Iqbal - World Bank Group - 2015 Legal, Institutional & Policy Foundations For Sukuk Market - Sau Ngan Wong - World Bank Group - 2015 Sukuk Bankruptcies: East Cameron and Nakheel Case Studies - Sau Ngan Wong - World Bank Group - 2015 Islamıc Investment Funds - A General Introductıon - World Bank Group - 2015 Case Studies Sukuk For ınfrastructure - Salman Khan World Bank Group -2015 Sukuk Dısclosures And Secondary Market - World Bank Group - 2015 Rating of Sukuk – Moody’s Investors Service - 2015 International Sovereign Sukuk Market and Ratings - Michael Bennett - World Bank Group - 2015 Governance and Risk Management Issues for Sukuk - Salman Khan - World Bank Group - 2015 Liquidity Management and Sukuk Markets - Salman Khan - World Bank Group - 2015 Risk Sharing and Shared Prosperity in Islamic Finance - Nabil Maghrebi Abbas Mirakhor - 2015 A Risk Sharing Banking Model - Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha Abbas Mirakhor - 2015

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